Yakima, WA Cleaning & Restoration Services

If your Yakima home needs cleaning or restoration, turn to a professional. This approach lets you achieve optimal results while avoiding safety hazards and property damage. Cleaning and restoration experts provide services ranging from mold removal to window washing.

Cleaning Services

Dust, dirt, pollen and spider webs can make it difficult to see through windows. They also harm the appearance of your home and prevent sunlight from entering its rooms. If you try to clean exterior glass, you could fall from a ladder or suffer bee stings.

Fortunately, professional window cleaners have the right equipment to perform this task quickly and safely. Workers use powerful water poles to thoroughly remove unsightly substances from glass surfaces. If desired, they can clean siding at the same time.

Although it's much harder to see than window dust, grime also builds up in air ducts. Such contaminants range from pet dander to lawn debris and dead insects. Your heating or cooling system may spread germs and allergens throughout the building if no one cleans it.

Technicians can't easily access most portions of the ductwork in a home. This is why they use heavy-duty vacuum cleaners to remove pollutants from ducts. Workers also utilize compressors to send blasts of air through HVAC systems. This separates dirt from hard-to-reach surfaces.

Many common duct contaminants can be found in your carpets as well. Among other things, they include crumbs, dust mites, sand, hair, paint flakes, and lint. Dirty carpeting may trigger asthma symptoms or spread germs.

Standard vacuum cleaners can't eliminate stains, and they often fail to remove embedded hair. Washington's professional cleaners solve this problem with the help of sophisticated extraction technology. This method enhances a carpet's look and feel without strong chemicals. Stain barriers can minimize or prevent future discoloration.

Restoration Services

Severe weather and plumbing or appliance leaks may result in extensive water damage. They stain ceilings, attract pests, create unpleasant odors and cause wooden structures to decay. A floor could collapse unless someone swiftly takes action.

Restoration specialists work to prevent relatively small problems from turning into disasters. They remove water, clean affected surfaces, and dry building materials before permanent damage occurs. It's often possible to restore structural components as well as personal belongings.

Water leaks frequently lead to the development of mold. It may also begin to grow if condensation regularly forms in certain places. This fungus poses a serious problem in millions of buildings throughout America. It can cause rashes, breathing problems, eye irritation, lethargy and nausea.

Mold remediation technicians know how to safely banish these dangerous microorganisms. They use misting equipment to prevent mold spores and dust from entering the air during removal. Specialists also apply a chemical that prevents the fungus from redeveloping. They precisely identify the underlying causes of mold problems as well.

When you need any type of expert restoration or cleaning services in Yakima, the professionals at Clean Image Services can revitalize your home. We employ effective techniques that won't put your health or belongings at risk. Please call 509-925-2929 to get started.