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Ellensburg Window Cleaning

Windows play a tremendously important role in our lives. They make buildings more attractive, supply natural light and allow us to appreciate the outdoors at any time. However, a window will only provide these benefits when someone regularly cleans all of its surfaces.

Ellensburg Window Cleaning

Residential Window Cleaning Services

Pollution, dust, birds and insects can leave your home’s windows grimy and stained. This makes it hard to enjoy outdoor views of scenery or weather. If you’re trying to sell a house, dirty glass might even reduce the resale value. It may also raise your heating and lighting expenses.

You can count on Clean Image Services to wash residential windows in a safe, eco-friendly manner. Our experienced staff and high-end equipment make every window look its best. This service also lets you forgo dangerous ladders and exposure to toxic cleaning chemicals. You’ll avoid a dull and time-consuming chore as well.

Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Many businesses are located near busy streets. This means that extra construction dust and airborne pollutants collect on outside surfaces. Dingy glass can make an office or store seem abandoned. Potential customers also find it difficult to examine featured products in shop windows.

Clean Image Services has experience washing a wide range of commercial buildings. Our professional staff cleans windows on restaurants, stores, hotels, offices and other establishments. By using this service, your company can prevent employee injuries and eliminate the need to buy expensive cleaning tools.

Professional Window Cleaning

Both commercial and residential customers benefit from Clean Image’s top-notch equipment and convenient scheduling options. We use washing techniques that maximize efficiency, protect the environment and keep technicians safe. Furthermore, our strong commitment to customer service has helped us earn the Better Business Bureau’s top rating.

Be it residential or commercial, we can put your home or office on a regular schedule for window washing. Depending on the size of your structure or home, we determine the best and safest way to access your windows.

We have an extendable water pole that cleans hard to reach windows with pure Reverse Osmosis (RO) water. This method is safer because the technician never leaves the ground. This method is greener because it requires nochemicals in today’s fragile environment.

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