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Washington has experienced unprecedented wildfires this year. The Evans Canyon Fire burned over 75,000 acres through Yakima and Kittitas counties, and other fires burning throughout the region resulted in a thick blanket of smoke that significantly impacted air quality.

It is a terrible loss to lose your home to a fire, and if your property wasn’t damaged by the fire itself, you may be facing smoke and soot damage to the interior or exterior of your home due to the proximity and size of the fires we have seen this year. After the danger is passed and it’s time to remove smoke odors and soot residue from your property, be sure you know what to do so you can protect your property from further damage and restore it back to normal as soon as possible.

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If you have a lingering smoke odor in your home after the air quality outside has improved, you may need professional smoke remediation. Smoke particles can attach to surfaces and soft goods in your home, leaving behind a persistent odor that can be nearly impossible to remove on your own. Air fresheners and general cleaning methods simply won’t work.

Clean Image Services, Inc. can help. We utilize advanced methods proven to remove smoke odors from your home. Our professional deodorization process targets and removes odor-causing particles from your home so you can breathe easier.


After a fire, soot can build up on walls and ceilings, leaving behind a residue that can be sticky or ashy. This residue can cause permanent damage if it is not removed promptly. Soot residues can be toxic and acidic, damaging and discoloring even hard surfaces such as glass, appliances, cabinets, siding, and walls. After a wildfire, soot may accumulate on the exterior of your home as well as the interior. Be sure to check for soot residues and call a professional if you have any concerns.


If smoke is in the air, it likely entered your air ducts and HVAC system. The first thing you should do is change your air filter. This has been working overtime to collect smoke particles and replacing it can help reduce the smoke still circulating in your home.

However, if you have replaced the filter and still notice smoke odors when your HVAC system runs, you may have smoke and/or soot buildup in your air ducts. Have your air ducts inspected and cleaned professionally.


With the events that we have seen this year, it’s not unusual for companies from out of state to start knocking on doors to offer smoke and soot removal services. Not all these companies are fair or honest, and it’s definitely something we see all too often in our industry. Before you hire someone to clean and restore your property, be sure it’s a company you can trust.

Clean Image Services, Inc. is local, family-owned cleaning and restoration company based in Kittitas County with nearly 20 years of experience helping people and businesses in Central Washington. Our employees live and work in this community, and we have felt first-hand the effects these fires have had on our neighbors and friends. We are here to help.

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At Clean Image Services, Inc., we accept a duty to treat each property and possession with respect. Our expertise and professionalism shows in every job that we do. Home and business owners in Kittitas County and the surrounding areas who desire the best service can benefit by calling us today.