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What Is This Water Behind My Stove?

water damage cleanup yakimaDo you have unexplained puddles or drips in your cooking area? In the kitchen, water damage is usually a result of a leaky sink, worn out faucet, or damaged water line. If you see water on the wall or floor near the stove, check these usual offenders first. But if you find water that doesn’t seem to be related to the plumbing, there are a few other things around the stove or oven that might have gone wrong. 

Is It Poor Ventilation?

Exhaust fans are so important to removing the steam that builds up while you cook. A boiling pot releases steam into the air that must be removed. Kitchen fans take this moisture out to an exterior vent. Broken or inadequate fans (or not using them) allow this steaming air to remain under the vent hood and on the ceiling about the cooktop.  

As the condensed water accumulates, it will drip onto the stove, run down the oven’s sides, and often end up as a puddle on the floor. 

Or Is It Poor Insulation?

A leaky stove is often because your pipes are not insulated well enough; this problem shows up in winter. On colder days, the hot, steamy air being vented may be hitting parts of your piping that are freezing cold, forming into condensation, and dripping back down. 

The temperature differential between the hot steam and cool, metal ductwork causes the steam to condense. The hot steam rising off the stove comes into contact with the range hood’s cooler areas due to condensation and evaporation. Once there, it condenses back into liquid water and drips onto the stove top.

Or A Poor Design?

You might have had the correct vents installed when the kitchen was built but perhaps airflow is blocked. Any obstructions can lead to significant problems, including water leaks. Sometimes a  blockage is due to grease buildup. Other times, birds and other animals enter the vents from an exterior vent to nest. 

Extreme cold outside can amplify a condensation problem in an extraction system. If snow and ice on the roof can affect an exhaust vent, moisture might flow backwards into the area around the stove. Even when the kitchen and its appliances are properly maintained, you can still have a home disaster. When you find any level of water damage, call Clean Image for help.

For Water Damage Clean Up and Repairs In Yakima

Whether your water damage is in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room or garage, it might be too much work to handle on your own. The Clean Image team will help you get everything back to normal as soon as possible. And experienced technicians will take steps to avoid future mold , as well. 

Clean Image Services is a Kittitas County, family-owned cleaning and restoration company with nearly 20 years of experience. After their inspection, they will use high-tech equipment to extract any remaining water, followed by an advanced dehumidification process.