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Flooding FAQ’s From Water Damage Restoration Pros In Yakima 

water damage restoration yakimaIf you’re a homeowner dealing with flooding for the first time, you probably have a lot of questions. As experts in the flooding and water damage industry, here are some of the “frequently asked questions” people have for us that you should know to be ready for restoration purposes. 

Water Damage Restoration In Yakima

 What should I do right away when I see that a part of my house has flooded? 

Right away, it’s best to call a restoration company for professional help so that it can be on the way while you take further action. Remember that your safety comes first, so don’t come into contact with water if you’re not sure it’s clean. Turn off the power to the area if possible. Try to identify the source of flooding and stop, catch, or divert it at the source. Remove water however possible. Do not stand on or under sagging surfaces. 

Can I attempt restoration efforts myself? 

We recommend calling an expert, and not just because we are the experts and want more business. Cleaning up after a flood situation can be dangerous to newbies, and requires expertise, training, and proper tools/chemicals to do right. In addition, the sooner flooding can be cleaned up, the less damage it will probably do to your home. Homeowners attempting restoration for the first time have to “learn on the job,” whereas professionals do this every day and are well-oiled machines. DIY restoration jobs gone bad can often be far more expensive than the same project done right the first time, by a professional. 

Can water damage be prevented? 

Mostly, yes. Water damage from neglected roof repairs, broken pipes, old, brittle appliance hoses, or plumbing fails can usually be prevented with good maintenance of your home and equipment. Be proactive about preventing flooding and water damage in the future! We can use products such as heat insulating tape for pipes, or a water pressure monitor to ensure that the pressure inside of pipes isn’t higher than optimal. Sometimes, the water damage that has already begun occurring can be stopped early if you’ll watch your water bill each month and investigate for leaks at any unexpected hike in price. That being said, almost every homeowner experiences water damage at some point in homeownership. Most individual instances of water damage are preventable, but experiencing it at some point in your life probably isn’t feasibly preventable. 

Will my carpet need to be replaced after water damage? 

If the carpet has been sitting in water for an extended period of time and is delaminating, it probably will need to be replaced. Carpets are more likely to need to be replaced if the floodwater is from a non-clean source. If a restoration crew gets to it soon enough, though, carpet can often be restored and cleaned without the need for replacing it completely. 

For other questions about flood damage, or for water damage restoration help in the Yakima area, we hope you’ll consider Clean Image Services, Inc. a great resource. We understand water damage disasters and know how important it is to get the job done, correctly, quickly, and honestly.