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Water Damage Restoration Myths For Yakima Property Owners

water damage restoration yakimaThe water damage restoration experts at Clean Image Services, Inc. are all about informing our neighbors in Yakima about the truth of water damage restoration. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misleading information out there regarding the cleanup and repair of water damage and many homeowners fall victim to false practices that actually cause more damage to their property. Lucky for you, we are here to debunk the common myths regarding water damage restoration that so many have fallen victim to and help you be better prepared to correctly respond to water damage if it happens to your home.

Water Damage Restoration In Yakima 

If water damage repair does not begin right away, it is no big deal – it can wait.

We hear things like, “I will get around to it,” or “we will get it taken care of eventually” way too often in regards to water damage. The truth is that time is crucial in mitigating damage caused by water. The longer water damage sits, the more damage your home will sustain. In fact, mold growth can begin within 24 hours following water damage, so there really is no time to waste. The odds of items being saved will decrease immensely the longer your belongings and structural materials are exposed to water. To minimize losses, and prevent mold growth from spreading through your home, you need to have a quick response so water damage repair can begin immediately. 

Water will just dry up and go away on its own.

While water will, eventually, dry out, your home will not completely dry on its own. Just because you can no longer see water, does not mean that all the moisture is gone. When porous materials like wood, insulation, carpet, drywall, padding, and ceiling tiles are exposed to water, they will begin to absorb the moisture. This means that water hides in ceilings, walls, carpets, and flooring. Without the use of professional extractors, commercial grade air movers, dehumidifiers, and moisture detection equipment, water will remain hidden and trapped in the home. Hidden moisture leads to even more damage, including mold growth and structural deterioration.

Mold will grow anywhere and everywhere that moisture is available. Without complete drying, mold is given everything it needs to grow and spread throughout your home – causing a number of respiratory symptoms to those who are exposed to it. The structural materials of your home, like wood, drywall, and flooring, will also become compromised if moisture is not completely dried. Swelling, bowing, cracking, warping, and deterioration are all common effects of prolonged exposure to moisture – causing much more extensive repairs to the structural components of your home.

Carpet and carpet padding that has been left to dry on its own will eventually begin to smell, and more than likely will end up needing to be removed. Water damage in your home will not completely and adequately dry on its own.

I can handle water damage repair on my own.

This last myth is basically a combination of the two previous ones. While we are all for homeowners being proactive and involved in the water damage repair process, it is still not something that should be handled without the proper training, certification, experience, and equipment. In order to ensure that all the water and moisture have been thoroughly dried, that mold growth has not become an issue, and that the structural integrity of your home has not been compromised, it is vital to have a professional restoration team handle water damage repairs. 

Remember: water damage is one of the most destructive disasters that can happen to your property. Time is of the essence to mitigate damage, and Clean Image Services, Inc. is fully equipped to handle any size of water damage restoration. Don’t fall victim to believing any of the above myths, and call Clean Image right away when you need water damage restoration in Yakima.