water damage restoration yakima, water damage yakima, water damage repair yakimaIs it rainy season? 

Has there not been any precipitation at all? 

Do you feel the cold air moving in? 

Is there snow on the ground? 

Have flowers started blooming?

It really doesn’t matter what the weather is like, water damage is always a possibility in your home or other structure. Water damage can occur from a variety of causes and can lead to serious issues for your home, your health, and your finances. Water damage is best avoided but sometimes that is not always possible. We’ll further discuss what to keep an eye out for, what to do if water damage does occur, how to deal with the restoration process, and what to expect once you call the professionals.

Water Damage Restoration In Yakima

What Should I Look For?

Water damage can start out small but lead to big issues. Sometimes the damage can’t be seen on the surface or it can take months before it even makes itself known. While weather such as floods, heavy rain, or fast melting snow can lead to water damage, some of the more common and less obvious causes come from right inside your home. It’s important to keep an eye out for broken water pipes, appliance malfunctions, cracked foundations, leaky roofs, and excessive condensations of water (typically near an air conditioner.) In these instances, the water damage may not be obvious right away so it is important to keep tabs on these things and know what kind of shape they are in.

What To Do If I Find Water Damage?

The longer water damage is left without attention, the more damage there is likely to be. Mold and mildew can begin to grow, structures can weaken, and the repair will be that much more costly. Once water damage is found, it is critical that you act fast. Be sure to be safe, remove anything that could be potentially dangerous or if need be, turn off any power supply that may be near the water damage. You need to quickly make a call to a professional water damage restoration team such as Clean Image Services. They know what they’re doing with the proper training and certification to get the restoration done right. While waiting for the restoration team to arrive, pick out family possessions, important objects, or specific things in the area that you would like special attention to. These things can be saved as well!

What Should I Expect From The Professionals?

Water damage restoration teams will arrive in a timely manner. Most companies have an emergency number you can call if needed. Once they arrive they will make sure the area is safe, use state of the art equipment to measure what damage has been done, then get to work restoring the area to its original glory. They will even make sure to restore any of your possessions that may have been damaged. 

Always be aware that water damage can happen anywhere, anytime, even if the weather in Yakima is pretty neutral. It’s a matter of how fast you can act when you find the water damage. Restoration teams will take care of the place as professionals in this field. Overall, stay calm. No need to work yourself up over water. The restoration teams will have your back.