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Occasional excess water vapor in the home is normal-  like when you take a long shower or boil a big pot of spaghetti. Moisture buildup, left uncorrected, can lead to more serious problems: mold, mildew, and water damage restoration costs. During the summer, the water can come from broken window seals in a rainstorm, as a result of poor ventilation, and as a byproduct of the air conditioner. 

Summer Storms

There is always unpredictable weather. Poor quality (or poorly maintained) windows in the home can allow driving rain to breach the seals. Winter snow buildup can degrade the seals, casings, and frames of windows. 

And summer hail can break through window glass. During a hail storm, stay away from the windows, and cover any broken windows as soon as possible after the storm is over to protect your home from water damage and potential restoration costs. Damage to the roof and siding are more common than broken windows; they are more exposed to the wind. 

Interior Condensation

During the summer, when you run the AC, the temperature differential causes airborne water to condense on the interior pane of your windows. Condensation between window panes occurs when the seal between the panes is broken or when the desiccant inside the windows is saturated. Condensation can rot wood molding and damage plaster, and the excess moisture in your home, which causes interior condensation, can damage your entire home, not just the areas around the windows.

To reduce condensation on your windows, lower the overall humidity in the home. Use the ceiling fans and exhaust fans. Don’t keep a collection of plants in a damp room. Be diligent about laundry; don’t leave wet clothes around. Open windows on a nice day and always close them on rainy days.

If you can’t keep the humidity levels low, consider buying a dehumidifier. These inexpensive units can pull several gallons of water per day, in extreme circumstances. These units will also be able to keep water damage restoration costs down as well. 

Special Note For Older Homes

You fell in love with your charming, historic house because of the architectural details. However, over the decades, technology has transformed windows. If you choose to keep the old widows, be on the lookout for damage.  With original double- or triple-pane windows, moisture between the glass is usually caused by a faulty seal. In the winter, use storm windows to help reduce condensation on your interior windows. This additional exterior layer not only controls humility but also protects from cold wind. Until you upgrade to more efficient windows, use the storm windows to reduce your heating bills during the winter. 


Even a small, slow window leak can lead to expensive damage to your home’s structure and your belongings. It is imperative to get expert water damage clean up team on-site to assess the damage and begin cleaning up. Clean Image Services, Inc. is a Kittitas County, family-owned cleaning, and restoration company with nearly 20 years of experience. They accept a duty to treat each property and possession with respect when they help people and businesses in Yakima, Washington.