Water Damage Restoration


Ellensburg Water Damage Restoration

Ellensburg Water Damage Restoration

If you have water damage to your home, here are the steps of action you must take:

  1. Safety first! Are there any potential safety hazards you need to be aware of?
    1. Be extremely careful on wet, slippery surfaces
    2. Disconnect any power supply that may be exposed to moisture
  2. Identify and stop the water source if possible
  3. Call our emergency help line! (509) 925-2929
  4. Until Clean Image Services arrives:
    1. Stay calm… we are on our way to help!
    2. Please make sure your electrical panel is accessible
    3. Please remove any valuables that you would personally like to take care of
    4. Please note any sentimental or valuable items that you would like us to focus on first

Water Extraction & Drying

The extent of water damage can be much deeper than a simple pool of water might indicate. Water soaks into the structure, causing it to weaken, and then, ultimately, it can break. In addition to weakening the structure of a home, water damage can lead to fast microbial growth. The presence of mold in a home can lead to poor air quality and potential health hazards.

If you have water damage in your home, it is essential that you hire a company with trained and certified technicians to properly and quickly remediate the loss.

Water flows where you cannot see it, making it impossible to determine the extent of damage by visual inspection alone. Water soaks into floors and walls, and, if ignored, can lead to costly replacements.

Not only can water damage lead to costly repairs, but it can also take its toll on the emotional health of your family. Damage to the home  and the important items inside can cause families to undergo tremendous amounts of stress.

It is important to let us help with our state-of-the art moisture meters to determine exactly what is wet and how wet it is.

With record response times, the crew at Clean Image Services, Inc. will arrive to restore your home before there is further damage to the structure or health of your dwelling. We are dedicated to providing professional service that returns homes to their pre-damaged condition. We provide our water damage restoration services in Ellensburg, Cle Elum, Suncadia, and the rest of Kittitas & Yakima counties. Thank you for trusting us with your water damage restoration needs!