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Water Damage Prevention Tips For Homeowners

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When you become an adult, one of the most exciting purchases you will make is your home. Many first-time homeowners in Yakima make the same mistakes. They desperately want their home to have a basement with extra storage space or just to have the extra room available. But they don’t know the mishaps that happen with basements. It is not uncommon for Yakima homeowners to call a water damage restoration and cleanup company a week after buying their homes because they arrive to find a flooded basement. Not only is this incredibly frustrating for someone who is so excited about their new home, but it is costly! 

Preventing water damage from happening, whether you are a first-time home buyer or have owned a home for the last 60 years, is the best thing you can do to help yourself out.

Water Damage Restoration In Yakima

From the professionals at Clean Image Services, here are a few prevention tips that can reduce the risk of basement flooding in the future.

Proper Sealing

Water can get into basements easily because they are typically below ground. Water doesn’t have to travel far, and it just needs an entrance. If your basement is not sealed properly water will create damage. Make sure to pay attention to any bubbles or cracks you may see in your basement walls and ceilings. Sealing basement doors and windows is going to stop water from seeping in, and you may need to reach out to a foundation repair company if water continues to leak in from the outside. 

Gutter Cleaning

It’s such a minimal step, but keeping your gutters cleaned is definitely going to prevent water damage. Gutters get leaves and debris trapped inside, which can stop the gutters from doing what they are supposed to do. The spouts at the bottom of the gutters should also be pointed away from your home. 


The landscape around your home can also contribute to water damage or prevent it. If your yard allows water to pool up near your house, you are at risk of indoor flooding and water damage. The landscape of the yard should tilt away and down from your home so that water can run away from the home in the event of heavy rainfall or other situation where water can pool up.

Stay a few steps ahead by taking proactive measures with your home to identify potential problems that could cause water damage.

If you have already experienced water damage in your basement or other part of your home, please contact a professional water damage cleanup crew. Even seemingly dry areas could be heavily affected underneath the surface, and wherever there is moisture, there is likely to be mold growth.

A professional water damage cleanup crew, like Clean Image Services, will:

  1. Be responsible with YOUR time and respond fast
  2. Respect your and your home
  3. Confidently work with your insurance company
  4. Provide certifications and professional qualifications when asked
  5. Consider factors that other companies won’t take the time to consider
  6. Ensure your safety above all else
  7. Handle all aspects of the water damage situation, including any mold remediation

While these are just a few examples, it is important to find professionals who are able to do it all! Use these tools to help keep any potential water damage away from your new home. And do your best to find experts who will be trained to not only help with any damage but can do it quickly and give you peace of mind! And if you experience any sort of damage, contact the water damage restoration professionals at Clean Image Services right away! They will know how to clean up the right way!