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Water Damage In Yakima

water damage restoration yakima, water damage repair yakima, water damage cleanup yakimaYakima residents aren’t strangers to water damage. In the Pacific Northwest, our winters bring in buckets of water! If your home isn’t ready, there could be water damage waiting to happen. Thankfully, there are water damage restoration professionals in your area, like the team at Clean Image, ready to aid you if a water damage emergency occurs. 

Water Damage Restoration In Yakima

Causes Of Water Damage:

  • Leaky pipes: Leaky pipes are pesky little things! Drips and drops can be consistent, or inconsistent and be pretty silent and go unnoticed. Due to their sneaky nature, oftentimes water damage has already occurred by the time the culprit is discovered. Check under sinks frequently and look for warping, dampness, discoloration, or musty smells. If you suspect leaking, place a bucket or other container in the bottom and observe any water consolidation. If you suspect water damage, contact a water damage restoration professional immediately!
  • Garbage disposal: Check under your kitchen sink often! Garbage disposals can cause a lot of damage, and an unpleasant smell. Many of us have experienced this personally. Sometimes kitchen flooring and cabinets need replacing just due to a leaky garbage disposal!
  • Hoses: Be sure to do a walk-around regularly to check the security of washing machine and refrigerator hoses. Unscrew garden hoses before freezing temperatures hit. 
  • Frozen pipes: When water freezes and expands, it becomes rock hard and can burst through anything! Thankfully, there are preventative measures you can take to avoid this situation. Unscrew garden hoses, let faucets drip overnight, keep doors and cabinets open at night to allow for even warmth distribution, and turn water off when leaving for extended periods of time, such as vacation, or a business trip. 
  • Clogged gutters: Especially before the winter rains come, be sure to unclog rain gutters! Clogged rain gutters result in stagnant water. Stagnant water in the rooftop or edges, can seep into the interior of the building and cause slow, unseen water damage. 
  • Roofs: See to any needed maintenance, such as patching. Our roofs are the only things keeping us safe from the elements! Let’s make sure we’re doing them a favor by keeping them maintained (and us a favor by avoiding water damage!).

Dangers Of DIY Water Damage Restoration:

The key to preventing extensive water damage is to act fast! Timing is everything. The longer you wait, the deeper the water sinks! Always contact a water damage restoration professional immediately. It’s not as simple as mopping up the water and setting out some fans. It’s easy to clean up the surface, but what lies beneath is where special treatment is needed QUICKLY. It may seem like the easier option to do it yourself, but in the long run, it will make things much more difficult to handle structurally, and financially. 

Whatever the case may be, contact a professional water damage restoration crew in the Yakima area, such as those at Clean Image, to assist you in the cleanup process. They will inform you on the step-by-step process, answer questions you have, and relay details of the situation every step of the way.