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Dangers Of DIY Water Damage Cleanup in Ellensburg

When your home in Ellensburg sustains water damage, the extent of the damage can be much more than what meets the eye. Before trying to tackle water damage cleanup on your own, we at Clean Image Services, Inc. want you to be aware of all risks that come from DIY water damage cleanup, and the benefits that come from working with a professional restoration team.


Personal Harm
Many homeowners fail to recognize water damage as a dangerous situation when it occurs in their homes. Even if the water damage does not look extensive, there can be many hidden dangers. From the type of water (Category 1 or clean water, Category 2 or gray waters, and Category 3 or black water), to potential electrical shock, there are many factors when dealing with water damage that needs to be taken into consideration in order to protect you from harm. It is important to get the mess cleaned up quickly, but attempting to cleanup water damage without knowing what the water source is, without proper personal protective clothing and equipment, or without shutting off all power to the area can leave you susceptible to injury.

Many DIY cleanup techniques provide a quick fix for water damage. When dealing with thorough water damage cleanup and potential mold, there is no such thing as a quick fix. Because mold can go unseen, you may not even know that you are dealing with mold when cleaning up after water damage. Without the proper tools and equipment to detect and remediate mold, it can turn into a serious problem that threatens the health of all those who are exposed to it. Mold can grow in as little as 24 hours after water damage has occurred, so any time you are dealing with water damage cleanup you should assume you are dealing with mold, and any time you are dealing with mold you should call in the professionals.

Structural Damage
Water flows where you cannot always see it. So even after surface water has been dried, water damage may remain hidden beneath walls, under carpets and floorboards, and in other places that you cannot see. The integrity of walls, floors, and ceilings can become compromised when water is not dried quickly and thoroughly. Drying without dehumidification will keep the moisture that seeped into these areas trapped, and you may think the problem is fixed when it’s not. Without the use of commercial-grade drying equipment and technology to detect moisture in places you cannot see, water damage will remain long after you think it has been resolved.


It really is quite simple – when it comes to deciding on whether or not to call in help with water damage restoration, always go with a restoration team. Professional water damage restoration companies possess the proper knowledge, experience, and equipment to handle the restoration process quickly, effectively, and safely. With record response times in Ellensburg and surrounding areas, the crew at Clean Image Services Inc. will arrive to restore your home before there is any further damage to the structure or health of your home. Let us save you the time, stress, and potential harm that could come from attempting to clean up water damage on your own. Call our team at the first sign of water damage.