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Water is the source of life. Without water we don’t have plants, animals die, humans die, and the earth becomes inhabitable. You need water to survive! The downside is, water can also be a prevalent means of destruction. Thankfully, water damage can be quickly restored with help from the water damage restoration professionals like those at Clean Image located in Snoqualmie Pass, Washington. 



Water damage usually occurs from bodies of stagnant water, or in other words, flooding. Water damage in the Snoqualmie Pass area isn’t a rare occurrence! Those winter months get wet and rainy. If not discovered earlier, spring could bring many surprises–and not the good kind!


Pipes – Have you ever placed a full water bottle in the freezer, or a soda pop, and come back later just to realize that it’s burst all over the freezer? This is what happens to water filled pipes in the winter. When those frosty nights come, water in the pipes expands. The expanding water eventually runs out of room, and the pipes buckle and break under the pressure. Clogged pipes are another source of water damage. Remember the last time your toilet overflowed? Yeah, it is probably not the most pleasant memory. 

Garbage disposals – These tend to leak every once in a while. It’s often hard to notice the slow leaking of a garbage disposal that needs replacing, as we don’t make it routine to check under the kitchen sink all that often.

Washing machines – Our washing machines are put to work week after week providing clean clothes for us to wear.  Sometimes they get a little worked up and start leaking.

Roofs – Roofs accumulate a lot of wear and tear throughout the year. Leaky roofs cause unseen water damage that starts from the attic and eventually makes itself known through off colored patches in ceilings, floors, or walls. 

Those are just a few causes of water damage. It’s important to do your part in preventing water damage. 


  • Turn water off if leaving for an extended period of time. 
  • If winter months have hit, leave doors and cupboards open so there’s an even amount of airflow-this prevents water in pipes from freezing.
  • Examine the space underneath the kitchen sink periodically for water spots, or dampness. This is an indicator of a leaky garbage disposal, or other pipe issue.
  • Check the pipes behind your washing machine to make sure they’re attached properly. This is also a good time to check around for any signs of water damage (discoloration, dried water puddles, water, etc.).
  • Clean out gutters a few times a year and have your roof looked at, and address repairs that may be needed.

Taking the precautions has the potential to save you a lot of hassle, especially financially. Thankfully, if you DO experience water damage in the Snoqualmie Pass area, water damage restoration professionals like those at Clean Image Services Inc. are ready to respond and take action quickly. These water damage restoration professionals have been specially trained in water damage restoration, and water mitigation. Water needs to be cleaned up quickly to prevent damage. They will come in, assess the situation, dry out the areas that have been damaged, and get to work restoring and securing the affected areas in the building.