Tile And Grout Cleaning company in ellensburg & Yakima, WA

Tile And Grout Cleaning in Ellensburg

Tile And Grout Cleaning in Ellensburg

Having your tile and grout cleaned provides an immediate “beauty treatment.” The entire area can appear more cheerful, brighter and more sanitary. However, you might be unaware of the other benefits of professionally cleaned tile and grout.

First, when dirt accumulates in the grout, it can cause damages that can be costly to repair. The grime can discolor the grout, but the grit can be tracked onto the tile or carpet. Eventually, the “sandpapering” effect caused by the grit can mar the surface of your tile or become lodged in your carpeting and padding. The dirt will also break down the grout, forcing you to have the grout replaced long before you would likely need to if it had been kept clean.

Second, neglected grout can pose a health hazard. Dirty, cracked grout can provide a foothold for mold and mildew. Although these spores can trigger allergic reactions in healthy adults, they can be especially dangerous for the very young or individuals with compromised respiratory systems, such as asthma sufferers or those with emphysema.

Lastly, the value of your home can suffer if you ignore problems. Even if you are not planning to sell your home soon, you probably want to maintain it in such a way that only minor touches would be needed to list it. Furthermore, if the grout shows signs of mildew or mold, you might have another issue that could be damaging your home’s value. For instance, a small leak hidden under the floor can promote the growth of mold on your grout while simultaneously damaging the sub-floor.

If you have attempted to clean your tile and grout yourself, you probably discovered that it was a messy, time-consuming chore. Most homeowners do not have access to the costly equipment and industrial cleaners that are needed to provide the best results. Professionals, such as the team members at Clean Image Services, Inc., have the training, experience and tools needed to thoroughly clean your tile and grout.

Clean Image Services, Inc. makes it possible for you to treat those stubborn stains affecting the appearance and beauty of your floors. Grout lines can be scrubbed and extracted with a hot water process that takes, contains, and disposes all the grit and soil. A heavy duty solution is applied to your grout and tile and thoroughly agitated with tile and grout line brushes. Next, a hot water solution is injected onto the surface and extracted with a powerful truck-mounted vacuum. The final step is to properly seal the grout lines (as is applicable).

Hard Surfaces

Industrial, residential, and commercial hard surfaces dull with time and wear. We can strip your hard surface of existing waxes, oils, and other build up. A sealer is selected for the freshly stripped surface followed by several coats of wax. We also have maintenance routes set up to provide a burnish allowing your floor to keep its like-fresh wax sheen.


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