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The Importance of Water Mitigation Following Flooding

Water Damage Cleanup YakimaWhen water or flood damage occurs in your household, it must be dealt with quickly and effectively. Flooding could be caused by a leaking pipe, a supply line break, a sewage system backup, or a foundation leakage. Regardless of the cause, it is critical that you contact a water damage cleanup company in your area.

Water Damage Cleanup Yakima

The Importance of Water Mitigation after Flooding

In the incident of a flood in your household, timing is everything. You have a limited time to avoid additional damage or the danger of health problems for yourself and your family. Skilled professionals will know this and will take all necessary measures within that timespan. They will bring considerable water damage restoration experience to the table. They will identify the source of the water in your house, repair it, clean it and dry it.

What Can You Expect from Water Mitigation Experts?

Whatever the reason for the flood, property owners should always contact professional water remediation specialists and shut off their electrical circuits. This will make it safe to unplug electrical devices. It is critical to avoid walking on wet carpets or trying to touch areas that have come into contact with water until the experts arrive.


After the specialists get there and have addressed the issue, an inspection will be performed. They will inspect the property thoroughly to pinpoint the origin of the water and the severity of the problem. They will also develop a recovery plan that includes the steps required to restore your home to its pre-loss condition.

Water Extraction

In certain cases, the water that causes structural damage is polluted. If the water source is wastewater or even polluted groundwater, everyone inside the building faces a high risk of serious disease. Experts will have the necessary tools and protective devices to remove the water, often without the need to remove the items like furniture and contents; but, in the case of toxic water, any item that has absorbed water should be safely removed and discarded.

Drying and Mold Removal and Prevention

If flood damage is not properly managed, mold can grow in both noticeable and hidden areas. To prevent mold or to eliminate and prevent the spread, immediate action needs to be taken. Experts will use cutting-edge dehumidifiers as well as air movers to minimize humidity and moisture in the home and prevent mold growth. When mold is found, specific steps need to be taken to extract it. They may also throw away wet items which can be restored in order to decrease humidity levels and prevent mold growth.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Water damage has many consequences that go beyond the floor. When water hits, it damages the furniture, walls, ceilings, garments, personal items, and other items. Specialists will use effective techniques to retrieve and clean restorable things. They will sanitize with antibacterial treatments and use machines such as air scrubbers as well as fogging tools to remove any persisting odors.

Managing an effective disaster cleanup is a difficult task that you should not attempt alone. Clean Image Services is ready to respond quickly and will use the best methods, manpower, and techniques to ensure your property is clean and safe. Our team is ready to serve you!