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Why Ceilings Become Water Damaged & How to Approach Repairs

When you think of water damage, have you ever stopped to consider water damage in your ceiling? The good news is that this kind of damage can be repaired. From a simple repairs like touching up paint to redoing entire ceilings, there are always ways to recover from water damage in your ceiling, especially with […]

yakima water damage restoration services flooded home

Water Damage In Yakima

Yakima residents aren’t strangers to water damage. In the Pacific Northwest, our winters bring in buckets of water! If your home isn’t ready, there could be water damage waiting to happen. Thankfully, there are water damage restoration professionals in your area, like the team at Clean Image, ready to aid you if a water damage […]

How To Prevent Water Damage Restoration Due to Frozen Pipes

The average low temperature in Yakima from November through February is 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Since water will freeze at 32 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, it is no wonder why frozen pipes can become such a big issue for homeowners here. Water damage is one of the most common disaster claims for home insurance and burst or leaking pipes are one […]


Is it rainy season?  Has there not been any precipitation at all?  Do you feel the cold air moving in?  Is there snow on the ground?  Have flowers started blooming? It really doesn’t matter what the weather is like, water damage is always a possibility in your home or other structure. Water damage can occur from a […]

Close-up Photo Of Flooded Floor In Kitchen From Water Leak


One of the most important fundamental aspects of your home in Yakima is the foundation. A solid foundation provides the base of your home and keeps your home sound and sturdy. Our water damage restoration experts warn that if the foundation is compromised, the entire house is at risk. One of the biggest threats to the foundation […]