Restoration Testimonials

"My basement was about 3-4 inches deep in water due to an irrigation valve breaking and clean image was recommended to me by gress-kinney-parrish insurance. I was impressed with how quickly tammy was able to get someone to my house to get the clean up process started. Jesse was professional and made sure to explain everything to me. Im not one to sit around and appreciate their willingness to let me help out as much as i wanted to. Im sorry i didnt get everyones name that helped and when i did get a name i think i forgot with everything going on. If i could i would thank each and every one of you. Everyone was respectful with my belongings and empathetic to the problem at hand. Thanks again to everyone who pitched in. I appreciate it. I'm glad there was still some standing water for you!! :) Hopefully everyone owns a pair of knee high boots now ;) Last i would like to say how impressed i was with the report that followed, it was very thorough.
I highly recommend Clean Image Services."
- Beth B.

"Customer service: Excellent – Appreciated Nels’ responsiveness to questions.
Quality of Work: Nels ensured a high quality product in our home improvements.
Professionalism: Nels and others who worked on the job were professionals and acted as such.
Other comments: Appreciated the quality of work on my mom’s home improvements."
- Chris S.

"Customer service: Very good. Calls and emails were responded to promptly. Always showed up on time to job site.
Quality of work: Good. They were always concerned about how the project would turn out.
Professionalism: Nels [was] very professional and courteous at all times. Same for the other workers too."
- Dennis W.

"Customer service: Outstanding! Within one hour of filing a claim with our insurance company for water damage in our home, Clean Image was able to stop by and make an assessment. They got right to work with the proper equipment to fix our problem.
Quality of work: Clean Image was able to reverse our in-home water damage in short order. They have a great work ethic which helped minimize the damage to our house and disturbance to our lives.
Professionalism: The Clean Image crew was very professional in their consideration of how to best fix our problem. They communicated very well, which helped get the right solution for our house and our family.
Other comments: Great Job! Thank You!"
- Josh M.

"Customer Service: Responsive to all requests and kept us informed on progress.
Quality of work: Very good. Protected surroundings and very neat.
Professionalism: Knew what they were doing and did it quickly,.
Other Comments: Would recommend Clean Image to anyone with similar needs."
- Everett S.

“Customer Service: Excellent! All of your staff were curteous and professional!
Quality of Work: Very thorough!
Other Comments: Thank you so much for doing a great job!
Monica B., Executive Director, senior care center, Ellensburg

“I highly recommend Grant Flory and his team at Clean Image Services, Inc. to anyone without reserve. Within 45 minutes of calling them, when our home flooded, they had a crew onsite beginning the cleanup and mitigation process. From that point on, they took care of every step – cleaning, construction, painting, and flooring, until the final touchups were complete. Throughout the process, Grant was professional, patient, honest, and thorough when working with both my wife and me. Again, I highly recommend Clean Image Services whether you need a routine cleaning or a more comprehensive restoration project. We hired them for both, and they’ve exceeded our expectations on each occasion.”
-Derek L., Ellensburg

“Thank you for doing the clean-up work/arranging for contractors
and handling the insurance claim. We will recommend your firm for work.”
-John & Barb, Ellensburg

“You guys did an awesome job, especially Nels!”
-Shanalyn K., Ellensburg

“Nels went out of his way to work around my family’s schedule to make the
restoration construction as convenient as possible. I was extremely
impressed with his urgency and flexibility during the entire process.

“Clean Image Services did exceptional work during our home restoration
project. They were extremely thorough in their work in order to ensure
we wouldn’t have any recurring problems.”
-David & Stephanie F., Ellensburg

“Customer Service: Excellent – I am so appreciative not having to wash and
dry all the towels that were used to start soaking up the water.
Quality of Work: Excellent and very complete.
Professionalism: Very kind and understanding. I appreciated being kept informed.
Other Comments: Nels, Grant, and Father [Merle] – I will recommend
Clean Image to anyone who may have the need.”
-Ken and Lana, Ellensburg

“Customer Service: Clean Image promptly responded to my call for help!
They provided a detailed estimate to my insurance company and once
my claim was approved, Clean Image arranged to do the job in a timely manner.
Quality of Work: I was very pleased with the quality of work done for me by
Clean Image. They use state of the art equipment for duct cleaning and
carpet cleaning as well as old-fashioned elbow grease!
Professionalism: The folks at Clean Image take their jobs seriously. They are
very prompt and work efficiently to get the job done.
They are also very kind and I felt they truly care.
Other Comments: I’m a very private person so opening my home to people
who would be cleaning every nook and cranny was difficult. The folks at
Clean Image made me feel very comfortable with their presence in my home.
They are friendly and caring.”
– Melinda D., Ellensburg

“Customer Service: Nels was my contact at the company and I can’t t think
of a negative thing to say. He was personable, professional, prompt, and kept
me informed as needed. If I had a question he responded quickly.
-Wonderful young man.
Quality of Work: I felt all of the subcontractors were personable and cared
about the results and quality of their work. Nels did a great job getting
things scheduled and taking care of the details.
Professionalism: Same as above.
Other Comments: I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company to a friend
for any reason. Thank you for your help.
– Kathy H., Ellensburg

Customer Service: “I was very satisfied with their promptness and quality of work”.
Professionalism: “Very satisfactory”.
Other Comments: “I would highly recommend them to my friends”.
-Patricia L. Dietrich