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Professional Flood Damage Restoration Steps

flood damage restoration yakima waFloods can happen almost anywhere in the United States and are the most frequent and pervasive of all-natural catastrophes that impact homes. Riverbank flooding is a normal and unavoidable aspect of living close to a river like we do here in Yakima. Flood damage restoration is a complex process that requires a professional restoration company’s expertise and specialized equipment. 

Flood Damage Restoration Yakima WA

The following is a list of steps that are taken by our experts at Clean Image Services during flood damage restoration to get your Yakima home back to its pre-loss condition:


The first step in flood damage restoration is to assess the extent of the damage so a restoration plan can be made. A certified flood damage restoration professional will conduct a thorough inspection of your property to determine the scope of the damage and then begin restoration right away to mitigate any further damage.

Water Extraction

The next step is to remove all standing water from your property. Professionals use specialized equipment like extraction pumps and vacuums to remove water from the home quicker, ensuring that it’s taken care of efficiently to prevent further damage.

Drying And Dehumidification

After the water extraction, the affected areas are dried out using high-powered fans and dehumidifiers. This is a crucial step to prevent mold growth and further damage to the materials in your home and your personal belongings.

Salvage And Removal

During this step, items that can be salvaged are identified and removed for cleaning, while unsalvageable items are removed and disposed of properly.

Cleaning And Sanitizing

The next step is to clean and sanitize the affected areas to remove harmful contaminants that may have been brought into the area from the flood water and prevent mold and bacterial growth. This involves using specialized cleaning products and techniques to remove any remaining contaminants.

Restoration And Repairs

Once the cleaning and sanitizing process is complete, any necessary repairs or replacements are made and completed. This includes replacing damaged drywall, flooring, and other materials and repairing any structural damage.

Final Inspection

The final step in the flood damage restoration process is a final inspection to ensure that all the work has been completed correctly and your home is returned to its pre-loss condition, safe and healthy.

It is essential to keep in mind that the steps taken during flood damage restoration may vary depending on the size, scope, extent, and severity of the flood damage your home sustained. Hiring a certified and experienced flood damage restoration professional is also crucial to ensure the restoration process is done correctly and efficiently. If your Yakima flood suffers from flood damage, be sure to give us a call at Clean Image Services. We specialize in flood damage restoration and offer 24/7 emergency response services so we can be there as quickly as possible when you need us most. We are up-to-date on the latest methods and techniques to ensure your home gets the best possible restoration of flood damage.