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Navigating Water Damage Repair

Water damage becomes prevalent in many homes during the late Spring and early Summer in Washington. Rain and floods contribute to much water damage, such as window and door seal leaks and roof leaks. Even though spring and summer are the drier seasons of the year, the rain brings humidity, and the moisture can cause condensation, leading to several issues, such as rapid mold growth. Plumbing leaks are also a common issue when it comes to water damage. water damage repair coulee city

Water Damage Repair in Coulee City

It is essential to be aware of what can cause water damage so you can prevent it. If it is too late, you must also be mindful of what water damage looks like to determine how urgently you need it repaired. The following are five generally accepted stages of water damage, ranging from minimal to severe damage.

Stage 1 – Initial Contact

Initial contact occurs when water comes into contact with the property. This could be the floors, walls, furniture, or any other part of the property. Early intervention minimizes damage and reduces restoration costs. 

Stage 2 – Water Intrusion

Water intrusion occurs when unwanted water or water vapor soaks into a section of your property. This can happen in several instances, such as cracked foundations, leaky basements, broken or burst pipes, and faulty appliances. You want to watch for condensation buildup, high humidity levels in your home, and pools of water around appliances or pipes. If you are proactive, you can catch water intrusion early before it causes too much damage. 

Stage 3 – Structural Damage

This is when water begins to saturate the air, causing condensation to form and ceilings to sag. If this damage occurs, the frame of your house might be at risk of structural failure. If ceilings become oversaturated with water, they are susceptible to collapse, which is not only a costly repair but can also be dangerous and life-threatening for anyone inside. 

Stage 4 – Mold Growth

As your home becomes oversaturated with water, it becomes a prime breeding ground for mold. Mold can grow as quickly as 24-48 hours and festers when water stays stagnant in a humid environment for long periods. Mold is considered secondary damage to water damage and can cause additional structural damage. It can penetrate your framing and insulation, creating a higher risk of structural failure.

Stage 5 – Severe Damage

Severe damage occurs when water and mold damage are no longer contained in one property section and have begun to spread to previously unaffected areas. For example, if you have a two-story property and water and mold damage were initially contained on the first floor, but now you see mold growing in rooms on the second floor, you have a major restoration project in the works. 

Why Professional Water Damage Restoration is Essential

Water damage repair seems simple to do on your own, but without the proper training, you won’t accomplish the spectrum or detailed work a professional has trained to do. You can encounter several hidden dangers, such as bacteria and mold, that you were initially unaware of and that can be harmful to your health. Different bacteria and molds are known to cause a wide variety of allergic reactions and health issues, especially upper respiratory illnesses if you do not have the proper safety equipment. You might come in contact with dirty water and damaged electrical systems, which can cause dangerous electrical currents.

Instead of putting yourself in harm’s way, leave it to the professionals. At Clean Image Services, our technicians are highly skilled and trained professionals who are experts in water damage repair. Leave the hard work to them, and you can know that your home is safe and in good hands