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Insurance Claims

We Work Directly With Your Insurance Company to Process Your Claim

When your property is damaged, call Clean Image Services, Inc. first! We will work directly with your insurance company on your claim, making the entire process as seamless and hassle-free as possible so you can focus on other things. Most importantly, we’ll be able to take immediate steps to protect your property from additional damage, which is often required for your insurance company to cover your loss. 


We Work With All Insurance Companies

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We have established relationships with most major insurance companies and have a team dedicated to working with the insurance adjuster on your claim. Because we are a full-service restoration contractor, we will work with you from start to finish. From emergency repairs, to full cleanup and reconstruction, we’ll be by your side until your property is completely restored. 

With 24/7 emergency service available throughout Central Washington, you can count on us to be there as soon as possible. Throughout the entire process, we’ll fully document everything to submit to your insurance carrier. 


Understand Your Insurance Policy Coverage

Individual homeowner’s insurance policies vary greatly and it’s important for you to understand your coverage and your responsibilities as the policy holder. Most policies do require you to act responsibly to minimize any damage that occurs to your property and your claim can be denied due to negligence or deliberate acts.

The easiest way to show that you acted in good faith to protect your property is by calling a restoration contractor as soon as possible. 

3 Easy Steps to Restoring Your Property

Call Now

Call Clean Image Services as soon as possible to begin cleanup and repairs.

Clean & Restore

Our team will work to minimize the damage by identifying all affected areas and priority items to restore.

Your Property Restored

Upon  completion, your property will be fully restored back to the way it was prior to the damage.

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