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How To Prepare Your Employees For A Flood In Your Workplace

Many people worry about experiencing a flood in their homes, but not many worry about a flood in their workplace. A flooded office can be hazardous because all the electronic equipment is always plugged in and running. If your place of employment is at a high risk of flooding from flash floods or nearby bursting dams, there are things you can do to prepare for a flood in your workplace to help ease the stress of it if it ever happens to flood damage yakima wa

Have a Disaster Plan

The best way to minimize business interruption in case of a flood or any other workplace disaster is to prepare a disaster plan in case of emergency. If flooding is a common occurrence where you live and work, you should be ready at any time to take proper safety measures. This will include:

  • A way to notify and communicate with your staff immediately.
  • A list of any electrical items that need to be unplugged and secured.
  • Knowing what items or files have priority to be secured.
  • A way for employees to safely get to the highest point available for access to rescue workers.
  • A disaster supply list for each employee to know what to bring or leave behind.

All of your employees should know your company’s disaster plan to be ready in an emergency. Even if you do not live in a high-risk flood area, flooding can still affect you. More than 20% of flood claims come from outside flood zones.

Stay Put on High Ground

Extreme flooding from heavy rainfall and flash floods are dangerous for many reasons. If the flood is affecting the interior of your workplace, it is likely affecting the outside as well. You may think you should evacuate the building, but being outside can be just as dangerous during flooding. You should not attempt to drive through floods. There is a risk that any downed power lines could affect the water and make it dangerous to attempt to cross. There could also be items traveling downstream that can trap you in your vehicle if it gets stuck.

Rather than trying to escape the flooding outside, you should head to higher ground where the water has yet to rise, such as on the higher floors or roof of your office building. Once there, you should contact rescue workers to help move everyone to a safer location. 

Post-Flood Recovery

Once the flood is over and it is safe to reenter your workplace, you should inspect the outside and inside thoroughly and make note of damages for your insurance company. You need to ensure the building is not in danger of collapsing. You should not inspect areas until the power from the building has been properly turned off to reduce the risk of electric shock from plugged-in appliances. 

Business Flood Damage in Yakima, Washington

If your home or workplace has experienced flooding, call Clean Image Services to help you take care of the repairs. Our team of experts is ready to restore your business back to normal so you can resume regular business operations.