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What Is Content Cleaning With A Water Damage Company?

ellensburg water damage company, ellensburg contents cleaning, ellensburg water damage restorationWhen you had a watery mess in your house you had to react fast! First priority= stop the water! Then remove all the standing water. Next, plan for clean up and repairs to building materials. (This includes thorough drying of the space.) But in the middle of all the chaos, what got forgotten? Caring for your STUFF!

Contents cleaning is the term for a highly sophisticated process. Certified contents restorers will execute a protocol of steps to clean, sanitize, and deodorize items damaged by water (and mold.) Household goods restoration services and content handling are key aspects of a full spectrum of property damage services. Clean Image Services has a state-of-the-art contents cleaning system that can restore many personal items: luxury clothing, family heirlooms, artwork, furniture, electronics.

The type of water that got on your things really affects the potential for successful cleanup. Restorers use a scale to categorize the source of water. Category 1 is clean, hygienic water. Building materials, wood, sheetrock and your possessions might be damaged if left in standing water. While the water has no germs in it, you are at risk from future mold if you don’t clean it up right away. Mold can grow within 24-48 hours.

Category 2 carries microorganisms. Examples are a dishwasher leak, an overflowing washing machine, toilet bowls with urine (no feces), water from the bathtub. 

Sometimes the water is so dirty that your things might be ruined, despite attempts to clean them. Category 3 damage is also referred to as “black water.” This discharge could contain unsanitary pathogenic agents from rotten food, feces, urine, toilet paper from flush toilets. This water can definitely make your family sick. 

What Can Be Saved?

So many factors will affect the results. How long were the items submerged? How dirty was the water? In what condition did the items start? In general, restoration specialists can successfully revive items such as:

  • Clothing, draperies, and other textiles
  • Non porous materials– kitchen items, china, jewelry
  • Leather (clothes, shoes, furniture, etc)
  • Upholstered furniture, throw rugs
  • Appliances, TVs, computers, electronics
  • Books, papers, and other documents
  • Artwork

The restoration service team will work with you to identify the important items. They will carefully packup textiles, fabric, and household goods from your home and safely transport them to a contents processing center. One by one, they will restore the individual items using advanced contents cleaning technology, ultrasonic cleaning equipment and freeze-drying systems. 

When cleaned and dried, your household goods will be returned home or stored until the structural repairs on your home are complete.

Water Damage Cleanup in Ellensburg 

Even a small slow leak can lead to expensive damage to your personal belongings. Even if you have insurance coverage to replace them, many things are emotionally irreplaceable. It is so important to get an expert water damage clean up team on site to begin clean up before the damage get worse.All of the Clean Image Services technicians are IICRC Clean Trust Certified Technicians. They have the training and experience to safely perform water damage restoration services according to IICRC certifications and standards. Call Clean Image Services, a family-owned cleaning and restoration company with nearly 20 years of experience in Central Washington.