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Common Causes Of Residential Water Damage

Residents of Moses Lake know it offers a picturesque backdrop, but its serene surroundings do not exempt homeowners from the risks of water damage. From sudden storms to everyday household mishaps, the potential for water damage is ever-present. This blog will explore the most common causes of residential water damage in Moses Lake to help homeowners be better prepared for these challenges.Residential Water Damage Moses Lake WA

Heavy Rainfall and Storms

Moses Lake is no stranger to heavy rainfall and occasional storms, especially during the fall and winter months. Excessive rain can lead to flooding, putting our homes at risk of residential water damage. Homeowners should monitor weather forecasts and prepare their properties for potential downpours by ensuring that gutters are clear, drainage systems are functioning, and vulnerable areas are adequately sealed.

Frozen Pipes in the Winter

The winter season here can be harsh, with temperatures dropping significantly. Frozen pipes are a common concern, especially in homes with inadequate insulation. When water freezes within pipes, it expands, potentially causing pipes to burst. Homeowners should take preventive measures such as insulating exposed pipes and ensuring that the heating system is functioning properly to avoid the costly aftermath of residential water damage from burst pipes.

Appliance Leaks and Malfunctions

Appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, and water heaters, are common culprits of residential water damage. Over time, hoses may deteriorate, valves may malfunction, or connections may loosen, all of which can lead to leaks. Regular maintenance, timely replacement of worn-out parts, and paying attention to appliance performance can help homeowners avoid water damage caused by malfunctioning appliances. 

Roof Leaks from Poor Maintenance

Roof leaks are a common issue, especially with the potential for heavy snowfall here during the winter. Damaged shingles, clogged gutters, or improperly sealed roofing materials can allow water to seep into the attic and interior spaces of our homes. Routine roof inspections, prompt repairs, and proper maintenance are essential to safeguarding homes from the damaging effects of roof leaks.

Sewer Backups and Overflows

In some instances, heavy rainfall or a blockage in the sewer system can lead to sewer backups and overflows. This not only poses health hazards but also brings the risk of residential water damage to basements and lower levels of homes. Homeowners should be proactive in maintaining their sewer lines, avoiding the disposal of inappropriate materials, and installing backflow prevention devices to minimize the risk of sewer-related water damage.

Poor Drainage and Foundation Issues

Issues with the foundation of your home can lead to interior water seepage, especially in areas with poor drainage. Over time, cracks may develop in the foundation, allowing water to infiltrate the basement or crawl spaces. Proper grading, installation of drainage systems, and prompt repairs to foundation cracks are essential measures to prevent residential water damage stemming from foundation issues.

While we love living in Moses Lake, WA, we also understand that it comes with its unique set of challenges when it comes to residential water damage. Homeowners must be proactive in addressing these common causes to protect their properties and belongings from water damage. By staying informed and taking preventive measures, homeowners can stay on top of residential water damage. That being said, if you find yourself facing residential water damage, be sure to give us a call at Clean Image Services. We specialize in residential water damage restoration and will handle the entire process from start to finish, leaving your home dry and free from the damaging effects of water.