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Easy Ways To Prevent Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration can be a pretty extensive process. At Clean Image, our water damage restoration experts understand how overwhelming water damage can be, and that is why we are here to help. We offer complete water damage restoration services in Yakima, and are able to respond any time. Since we have the restoration under […]

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Flooding FAQ’s That Can Assist With Water Damage Restoration 

If you’re a homeowner dealing with flooding for the first time, you probably have a lot of questions. As experts in the flooding and water damage industry, here are some of the “frequently asked questions” people have for us that you should know to be ready for restoration purposes.  Water Damage Restoration In Yakima  What […]

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Common Myths About Water Damage Restoration To Avoid

The water damage restoration experts at Clean Image are all about informing our neighbors in Yakima about water damage restoration. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misleading information out there regarding water damage, and many homeowners fall victim to false practices that actually cause more damage to their property. Lucky for you, we are here […]

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Water Damaged Floors Need Special Attention To Avoid Restoration 

A common industrial material can add an uncommon look in your home. Concrete floors are a fast-growing trend in both commercial and residential interiors. Not only is concrete look flooring versatile and durable, but it’s also a great option if you’re aiming for a sleek, clean aesthetic. This material can easily be stained or painted […]

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Common Mold Questions And The Removal Process

Mold. Just the word makes you kind of cringe inside. Nobody ever wants to hear the word mold used in a restaurant, at a daycare, the salon, and definitely not in your own house. There are usually negative connotations with mold and for good reason too. Now this isn’t to say that mold never has […]

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Avoid Secondary Damage After A Fire

A house fire is devastating. Damage to your house and your furnishings from the fire itself is pretty obvious. However, once the fire is out, you have to deal with secondary damage — damage caused by smoke and the water and chemicals firefighters use to put a fire out.  Smoke residues are usually very chemically […]

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Water Damage In Yakima

Yakima residents aren’t strangers to water damage. In the Pacific Northwest, our winters bring in buckets of water! If your home isn’t ready, there could be water damage waiting to happen. Thankfully, there are water damage restoration professionals in your area, like the team at Clean Image, ready to aid you if a water damage […]


The average low temperature in Yakima from November through February is 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Since water will freeze at 32 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, it is no wonder why frozen pipes can become such a big issue for homeowners here. Water damage is one of the most common disaster claims for home insurance and burst or leaking pipes are one […]


Water is the source of life. Without water we don’t have plants, animals die, humans die, and the earth becomes inhabitable. You need water to survive! The downside is, water can also be a prevalent means of destruction. Thankfully, water damage can be quickly restored with help from the water damage restoration professionals like those at Clean Image located […]


Water damage in your Yakima home can come from many different sources. Water can also have different levels of contamination, depending on its source. Water is considered contaminated if it contains any level of pollution that renders it unsafe for basic use. Water damage from contaminated water not only causes damage to your home, but […]